Sayani Palit Turns Composer with the Launch of New Audio Songs Album ‘Khawahishian’



Sayani Palit is an Indian classical and semi-classical vocalist and playback singer. With a background in singing, she is turning into a composer with her album Khawahishian. The album was released at Birla Academy of Fine arts by eminent musicians like Joy Sarkar, Debojyoti Mishra, Gaurab Chatterjee, Mayukh Bhaumik and Chandril.


Sayani Palit is a ITC Sangeet Research Academy Kolkata scholar and her teachers include Pandit Ajay Chakrabarty and Padma Bhushan Girija Devi. She is a first class first in her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree examination in Classical Music from University of Calcutta.  A regular artist in All India radio she has also lent her voices to songs in films like Proloy, Shingur, and many more.

The album Khwahishian is a melodic saga depicting the hues and essence of love and relationships which is one of the most precious emotions of the human mind. Each song narrates a special story on love, loss and the strength of bond between two lovers. The six tracks in the album combine contemporary with classical styles. The lyricist of the six songs is Saheb Sharma, Meghali Gupta and Suchismita Patra. Shamik Chakravarty is the arranger of this album.


Debojyoti Mishra who has composed several jingles and songs with Sayani said “I feel proud that she has the courage to bring out an album that she has composed herself. In a time when we think twice before bringing out an album, this is indeed praiseworthy”.

Joy Sarkar added “I have heard all the songs and I give her the credit for presenting the different shades of love so effectively. I never knew she composed so well” said the singer.

With Khwahishian, Sayani turns composer and we wish her all the best in her music career.

Priyanka Dutta


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