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 New Kolkata Bengali Movie Arundhati is the story of re-incarnation and the courage and valor of a warrior Queen that stars Koel Mallick as Rani Arundhati and Indraneil Sengupta as Kalrudra.

Mishti is the great granddaughter of the king of Dhulibadi and is held in high regard by her grandfather who believes her to be the re-incarnation of his mother, the illustrious Rani Arundhati. Mishti is about to get married but before that, by the ill will of fate happens to land up in her native place Dhulibadi where a strange sequence of events unfold which changes the life of this bubbly and carefree city girl.

At Dhulibadi, from the old housekeeper Annada Ma Mishti hears the story of Rani Arundhati who had put an end to the evil doings of the notorious aghori Kalrudra and had ruthlessly buried him alive. Mishti also gets to know that the evil soul of Kalrudra could not be killed by Rani Arundhati at that time due to which she has been reborn as Mishti and now it is she who is destined to finish the evil soul for good. What has destiny in store for Mishti and has Rani Arundhati really come back as Mishti to finish the evil Kalrudra for good, makes the rest of the story of this New Bengali Film which, as we all also know, is a remake of the 2009 Super hit Telugu Movie Arundhati starring Anushka Shetty and Sonu Sood.

When watching a remake, that too of a movie which we get to see almost every other month in various Hindi Channels the mind automatically goes into a mode of comparison and sitting in the theater the only thought that kept raging in my mind is that can we not for once shun the idea of re-making all successful South Indian films because neither can we match up to their production values nor do we have the right kind of actors who can essay such larger than life roles.

Koel, as the beautiful chirpy city girl Mishti was her usual best but as Rani Arundhati was a total disappointment. No matter how hard she tried to look tough and commanding, her physical make up miserably betrayed her efforts; efforts were very much visible though! Broad shoulders, glowing round eyes and a towering personality is what we usually expect to see in a warrior queen but Rani Arundhati here has none and adorned with all that heavy jewelry looks more a coy bride than a warrior queen.

The way Kalrudra looked and carried himself was equally disappointing as here again Indraneil Sengupta was an absolute misfit. Indraneil, the suave, sophisticated Bengali actor could by no means look as evil as Kalrudra was expected to. The innocence in his eyes could not be for a second be replaced by the malice that the audience may have expected to see in Kalrudra; and acting wise it was clumsy and unrefined throughout. The makers should have known that just because Srijit Mukherji could make a fearsome villain Hani Alqadi out of Indraneil the same could not be repeated for Kalrudra as, though villains, the roles demanded a certain set of characteristics, only one set of which Mr. Sengupta posses.  If you watch Sonu Sood playing the role of Kalrudra in the actual Arundhati you are bound to get the chills but here it was just a two and a half hour long ordeal.

Much had been said about the fabulous dialogues by Mr. N.K. Salil but here too the audience will get nothing but disappointment as not much could be made out of the muffled speech of the queen and Kalrudra had nothing more to do than howling from the start till the end. Yes the only dialogue that the audience may pick up; in fact is already doing the rounds on Facebook is “Bulbuli Toke Dum” which the poor Kalrudra was expected to say time and again to keep reminding the audience that he is the Villain in the movie. The director Mr. Sujit Mondal should have tried to work harder on the villain as in that way at least the contrast in the characters would have become more poignant and eventually the USP of the movie, thus masking most other loopholes.

And what is an actor of Mr.Debshankar Halder’s stature trying to establish by playing such roles as that of the Fakir Baba shouting out dialogues like “Muddayi Lakh chahe Kya Hota hai, wahi hota hai jo manzure khuda hota hai” is simply beyond my comprehension. If it is different kind of roles that Mr. Halder is vying for then this was definitely not that “different Kind of thing” that we ever want to see him in.

The Special effects and VFX were probably the only visual delights in the movie that hold on to the promise of a grand period drama.

With the kind of presentation that we get to see, the New Kolkata Bengali Film Arundhati may appeal to the rural population of Bengal that may not have been over exposed to good cinema but with the urban crowd, its Box-Office success is indeed doubtful.

After having watched it myself; going to watch the New Bengali Film Arundhati, that too in this beautiful weather, is something that at least I would personally prevent my friends from!

Rating: 2/5

Photographs By: Bitan De and Amitav Sarkar

Theatrical Trailer | Arundhati | Koel | Indraneil | 2014 (You Tube)




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