Singer Arijit Singh Inaugurates Chef Debasish Kundu’s New Restaurant ‘Only Alibaba Gold’



Do you love kebabs, Biriyanis and the Lahori cuisines? Then you have more than one reason to be happy. Only Alibaba Gold- a specialty restaurant specializing in Lahori and Awadhi cuisines was recently inaugurated by Bollywood singer Arijit Singh and Chef Debasish Kundu.


“I have been traveling to Pakistan for quite a number of times to understand the subtle nuances of making some kebabs and the other Lahori cuisines. Without proper knowledge, I would not have been able to give the best dishes to the customers whom I will be serving at the restaurant. Twenty five varieties of kebabs will be available for the customers. There will also be some special signature dishes that I have made like Komal Gandar, Dil Khush, Pathar ka Gosht, Shirmal and many more. The specialty of the kebabs made in Lahore is that they are made very quickly” said Chef Debasish Kundu. The value for money and the strategic location will be the biggest USPs of the restaurant. The décor of the restaurant has also been given a Lahori and Awadhi feel to it so that the customers can relate the dish they are eating with the ambiance.

Apart from the varieties of kebabs available, biriyanis, rotis, rices, mocktails, deserts and various lip smacking soups will also be available at this restaurant. Even vegetarian Lahori and Awadhi dishes will be available for the customers.


Bollywood singer Ariit Singh who came for the inauguration after a long wait of two hours posed for a few photographs and disappeared at lightning speed.

A meal of two will cost about six hundred rupees. The restaurant will be open from 12 to 4 pm for lunch and 7 to 11 pm for dinner.

Priyanka Dutta


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