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Ami-Sshudhu-cheychi-tomayThe problem with making romantic films is that the audience must be given a new story which will touch their hearts. Or else if the story has the same old plot that the viewer has been watching for many years, chances are they will be bored. The same was the case with me when I went to watch the New Kolkata Bengali film Aami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay.

Such a candy floss romantic name “Aami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay” raised my expectations considerably. I was all ready to watch a great romantic film but lo! What I watched is an often repeated in serials and films. The film is about Bhumi (Subhasree) and Abhi (Ankush) who harbor a love-hate relationship. Things get messy when Joy (Bikram Chatterjee) enters their life. I need not divulge much about the plot as the audience will be very well able to judge what will be the outcome of this film.

Diector Ashok Pati’s aim of making a romantic film succeeds in some parts. But the glaring loopholes in the other parts of the film cause much of a jarring effect on the minds of the audience. One such scene is where Bhumi’s two lovers are busy fighting for her on a rooftop of a train (the backdrop is that of a hill station) and she reaches a village all of a sudden.

The music in the film is good with foot tapping numbers like Bangladesher meye and Calling bell ensuring that they will be played during the Durga Pujas. These two songs are here to stay. The beautiful choreography and the visual locales are a delight for the sore eyes and are a saving grace for the film.

Acting wise, the actors all do a good job in their roles. Ankush as Abhi is good. He has been playing the good chocolate romantic hero with expertise for the last few films and this film hence was a cake walk for him. Subhasree as Bhumi looked as if she had come straight from the sets of Khoka 420. She looks pretty and does justice to the role given. Kharaj Mukherjee as Principal Charanda adds weight to the acting department in the film.

Aami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay may look good and be high on style quotient, but the film does not offer anything engaging. Chances are you will get bored. The feeling of Déjà-vu is what kills the film in many a part. Watch the film if you must or wait for the DVDs to be released.

Rating- 2.5/5

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Aami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay (2014) – Teaser | Ankush | Subhashree (You Tube)



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