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Game-Movie-ReviewComparisons are bound to be done when you copy from a super hit Tamil film. But when the copy is done in a presentable and most engaging manner, the director also earns a few pats on the back. Such is the case with the recently released Bengali film Game, which is a remake of the hit Tamil film Thuppakki.

The film is about an army officer Abhimanyu (Jeet) who comes back home during holidays. He meets Trisha (Subhasree) and initially rejects her for marriage citing the reason that she is very boring and lacks style. However after watching her perform in a boxing match he gets impressed and agrees to the match. After many yes and no exchanges between the lead pair, finally their hearts meet. Within the love story is interwoven the primary theme of the movie in which we learn that Abhimanyu is in search of the mastermind of a terrorist organization which actually had planned to kill many people by placing bombs in twelve important locations of the city. Will Abhimanyu succeed? Will he be able to save the city? This is what the rest of Game is all about.

Baba Yadav’s direction is crisp and keeps the audience hooked from the start till the end. With such a crisp script (Thanks to the original film by A. R. Murugadoss), the director could not have gone much wrong. With the right amount of comedy, drama, action and romance, the film stands out as a complete entertainer. Never will the audience feel bored during the running time of the film. A few loopholes in the film however exist; which army office would dare to keep a sleeper cell terrorist in the wardrobe of his house and go about strolling out, exposing the family members to life risk is beyond my level of understanding. The blast scenes look a bit amateurish. With the improvement in VFX effects, as an audience, I expected more realistic presentation from the special effects team of Game.

The action and the chase sequences in the film are fantastic and will send your adrenaline pumping high. Kudos to cinematographer P Shelva Kumar!!

Tolywood Hero Jeet, as the army man adds to the credibility and glamour quotient of the role. After having done quite a few action films like Boss, Wanted, Awara, Superstar Jeet is on top of the game. He looks every bit the army officer and also does a good job in the romantic scenes. In some of the dance scenes though, he looked quite clumsy. Subhasree has nothing much to do apart from being the tough guy’s arm candy and looking pretty-pretty and she does not let her fans down. I wish the director had shown more of her boxing skills as the much talked about tough sport that the Bong Beauty was supposed to be shown doing in the movie, was limited to a single scene in the beginning of the film. Saurav Chakraborty as the mastermind of the terrorist organization adds an evil touch to his character and will surely give you the thrill.

Music by Jeet Ganguly is moderate. Bum chiki and Party all night will stay with you for quite some time but I doubt whether it will be on your playlist for more than a month.

Game is a smart and intelligent remake. If you are ready for some kick ass action and a smart film, be a Game and watch the film. You will not be disappointed.

Rating- 3.5/5

GAME: Theatrical Trailer (Official) – Bengali Movie 2014 – Jeet, Subhashree (You Tube)


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