Collection of Stories ‘Chena Ochena Kichhu Choritro’ by Annwesh Mukherjee



Chena Ochena Kichhu Choritro Short description :

The book contains three stories, spanning across generations and time. The salient feature in all the stories is the characterization. The author tries to delve into the deep philosophical and human elements of life which are never so easy to fathom, yet most intriguing to study. A blend of personal assessment and examination of rudimentary aspects of society is what the book offers to its readers. A short snippet on each story is presented below:

1) Taap O Onutaap – This is a simple story on the concept of friendship, starting from one generation and ending in another. This is a story filled with emotion that can only be felt in the context of friendship.

2) Atmabhimaan – This is a story of today, a generation riddled with confusion. A short face-to-face with reality strikes the mind of the protagonist as he tries his best to understand the pangs of the society.

3) Sebabrati – This is a narration of the life of a woman who finds herself in an amazing whirlwind of life. To her, the life is a straight line but is it really meant to remain straight throughout?

Reviews :

Review 1 –

“The stories present you an array of mesmerizing characters which can leave you with a sense of Dejavu. At certain  points you will find yourself empathizing with them and they can leave you with a sweet melancholy strain that can be enjoyed in the company of silence. They question your individuality, your perception of happiness, your realization of success and celebrate innocence.  The narrator has managed to peep through the eyes of time and the canvas covers how the society has translated in the eyes of time.”

Souvik (Friend and well-wisher)

Review 2 –

“Annwesh starts his literary journey with three well crafted novellas. They are different in a sense of time, setting and characters but at the same time sewn together in a subtle melancholy string of humanity. A deep exploration of human emotions, life and reality manifests itself through the different characters Annwesh depicts. Sometimes they are ordinary, yet the next moment they showcase that inner eternal life which make each one of us special. A thought evoking book, it is a fascinating portrait of life.”

Shubhabrata (Friend and well-wisher)

The Author Annwesh Mukherjee

Anwesh Mukherjee

Mr. Annwesh Mukherjee who is a software engineer by profession and is a Swedish National is also a story-writer, a poet and an essayist, who thrives on human values and human emotions, and who embodies in his works, elements from past and present generations of human society. A formidable grip on characters allows him to document complexity and openness with equal ease. The poetic charm gets mixed with a narrative flavor which creates a unique description of incidents in Annwesh’s works. A mind molded in the realm of simplicity of yester-years yearning to reach out to the audacious vivacity of the new age life is a simple depiction of Mr. Mukherjee as an author and a smooth and lucid blend of lyrical words with some commonplace expressions best describes the language the Annwesh the author cherishes the most.


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