Delicious Bengali Food Specially for the Summers at Oh! Calcutta Food Festival ‘Grishher Khabar’



Summer is not only the time of scorching heat but also of some mouth watering flavors. Summer vegetables, leafy greens and ripened fruits are available to balance the scorching heat and also to provide some mood lifting flavors. Keeping this summer spirit in mind, one of the finest Bengali dining restaurant of India Oh!Calcutta started the summer food festival titled “Grishher Khabar”. Cricketer Manoj Tiwari and fitness expert Ranadeep Moitra were present at the inauguration of this festival.


In order to suits the taste as well as ensure the health of foodies coming to the restaurant, delicious Bengali Food with fresh ingredients, very light spices and delicate aromas with the flavors of mango dominating the platters occupy the menu for this food festival.

Aam Posto Bora, Aam ada die lau ghonto, Aam ada grilled fish, Chingri pudina curry, Doi Murgi, Daaber torkari and Aam Bhapa sandesh are some of the star attractions of this summer food festival. Mocktails like Gondhoraj shorbot and Beler shorbot are also available to quench the thirst.


Manoj Tiwary who was present at the inauguration said “My wife is a Bengali and I am fond of Bengali dishes too. My favorite is aloo posto”.

The summer food festival will continue for ten days and the price range is Rs. 1500 plus taxes for a meal of two people.

Priyanka Dutta


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