Rituparna Sengupta Pledges to Donate Body after Death



She may be the number one actress in Tollywood but she is also a responsible citizen of the society. She is none other than Tollywood actress Rituparna Sengupta. The actress who had been making the audience go ga-ga over her acting, recently declared to donate her body after her death at an event held at Sarala Memorial Hall.

“It is very important to do something for the society. Society has been giving us many things. So whenever one gets the opportunity, one should do their bit. By pledging to donate my body, I will be helping many individuals after my death. I will be living another life in another person’s body” said the actress with a smile. The actress who was an ex-student of Gokhale Memorial School felt nostalgic standing on the stage as she had performed many a stage shows in the same hall.


A 30 minutes documentary film was also shown on the occasion to highlight the importance of donating bodies after the death of a person. The documentary was made by Debdut Ghosh and titled “Pran theke prane”. The documentary starring Chaiti Ghoshal showed a teacher educating the students about the process of donating bodies after death for the good of the society at large.

Eminent personalities like Chaiti Ghoshal, Rajatava Datta, Biswajit Chakraborty also graced the occasion and extended their support for the noble cause. “It is very heartening to see that Debdut has taken the initiative to make a film on such an issue. The film is very well made and enables to carry the message to the audience very effectively” said actor Rajatava Datta.


Events of this caliber are of much help for the society and will also help in raising awareness among the people on such important issues.

Priyanka Dutta


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