New Bengali Movie ‘Bonku Babu’ Promises Laughter Unlimited; A Strong Message Tagged Along



Anindya Bikash Datta with TV soaps like “Ek Akasher Niche”, “Tomar Ghore Star” to his credit makes his debut on the big screen with the film Bonku Babu.  The press conference of this upcoming Bangla Movie took place at Minus 6 degrees in the presence of Anindya Bikash Datta, Saswata Chatterjee, Suchandra Vaniya, Rajatava Datta, Rupa Bhattacharya, Arjun Chakraborty, Arunima Ghosh and the producer duo of Deepak Chandak and Sonika Singh Bhatti.


Speaking about his film, the director said “The film Bonku Babu is a representative of the crisis that most Bengalis face in recent times. With the fast disappearance of the joint family system, nuclear families are fast gaining importance. Big houses are demolished to build skyscrapers. Joint family system with its advantages and disadvantages has played an important part in inducing feelings of community building in our society”.


Saswata Chatterjee plays the role of Bonku Babu in the film. “I play the role of Bonku Babu who is a larger than life character. He is a strict police man. His family is also unique just like him. He is a great fan of Rajesh Khanna, his daughter is a fan of Salman Khan, his elder son a fan of Mithun Chakaborty and the younger one adores Hrithik Roshan. There is a very hilarious sequence where Bonku Babu and his two sons dance to the tunes of the songs of their favorite stars” said Saswata Chatterjee.


Rrupa Bhattacharya said “I am grateful to Arunima for actually suggesting me to do this role in the film. It is said that two heroines cannot help one another but Arunima has proven everyone wrong”.

Bonku Babu promises to make the audiences laugh their hearts out. We will have to wait and see whether the film can live up to the expectations that they have created.

Priyanka Dutta




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