New Bollywood Film Holiday (2014): Movie Review, Poster, Trailer; See the Bengali Version to See the Difference

Holiday Movie Review

Holiday Movie ReviewWhen the person who has directed a hit Tamil film is at the helm of directing the Hindi remake, you are bound to enter the hall with “Great Expectations”. Similar was my case when I went to watch the film Holiday.

The film is a remake of the 2012 film Thuppakki directed by A. R. Murugadoss who had earlier given us films like Ghajini, which is also a remake of his own film. The story of the film is about Virat (Akshay Kumar), an army man who comes back home on a holiday for forty days. He meets Saiba (Sonakshi Sinha) and rejects her for being very docile and unstylish. However after seeing her as a boxer, he changes his mind. Love blossoms between them. In the meanwhile, a terrorist running sleeper cells plans to cause havoc in the city. How Virat stops him and saves the city is what the rest of the film is all about.

What could turn out to be a great remake ultimately draws yawns from the audience. Murugadoss in his effort to spice up things and make it big and grand for the Bollywood viewing audience takes the spice out of the film. The original Thuppakki (thanks to Set Max for showing the dubbed version) was successful due to the crisp script which lacks in the Hindi remake. The intensity and sense of danger is missing from this film. This makes the film a tad hollow at times. Another glaring loophole is that we never know why the terrorist wanted to plant sleeper cells in the city. His mission remains unexplained. Rather than informing the seniors, why would Virat keep the terrorist in his wardrobe and risk the security of the members of his family? Only the director has the answer.

Music in the film by Pritam shows that his creativity was also on a holiday when he was composing the music for this film. None of them will remain in your mind after you leave the hall. Moreover the unnecessary songs lengthen the film and add to the boredom of many sitting in the darkened hall.

Akshay (gravity defying stunts) Kumar who has been much appreciated for his action roles in many a film fails to pack a punch as Virat. He is good in parts but in the rest of the scenes he sleepwalks through the role.

Sonakshi Sinha as Saiba is a real genius. She should be sent to the Olympics next time as India’s representative. She is not only a boxer but also plays lawn tennis, rugby, karate and any other game that you can name. I never knew that a single person could specialize in so many sports with such gusto. Hats off girl- you will put to shame many talented sports persons. She has nothing much to do except to show off her slim (a welcome relief for her fans) body in short dresses.

Govinda as Virat’s commanding officer is the comic relief in this film. He will remind you of his prime time when he has played many comic roles and simply ruled with those headless comedies.

The Bollywood Movie Holiday and the Bengali film Game, both of which are the remakes Thuppakki released almost simultaneously due to which I as the Bengali cinema lover got the pleasure of comparing both and it feels really great to say that the Bengali film Game by Baba Yadav was much better than the Hindi version made by the director of the original Tamil film, Murugadoss. The film seriously tests your patience and I realized that even soldiers need to be off duty.


HOLIDAY Theatrical Trailer | Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha Upcoming Hindi Movie (SRaiEntertainment) (You Tube)


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