Q and Nikon’s Film LUDO now gets a Trademark; Makers Planning a Sequel Already

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Q and Nikon’s new Film Ludo that has since its announcement got huge media attention has now gone a step ahead in reaffirming its position as a movie that is about to show things never attempted before on screen, as the makers have not only registered the film with the Eastern Indian Motion Pictures Association but have also gone a step ahead by getting a trademark for the title.

This film with its strong Q quotient is being seen as an entertainment idea by the makers and plans on making its sequel are already underway which further necessitates protection of the brand identity.

Nandini Mansinghka who is a co-producer at Idyabooster, while explaining the process also said that the kind of movie that LUDO is expected to be, just the registration may not be enough as in case of disputed it is the trademark and the government approval that helps.

Along with having film maker Q as the director, the other high point of the movie is that it stars the sensuous and very talented actress Rii Sen along with actors like Joyraj, Subholina, Ronodeep, Ananya and Soumendra.

Neel Adhikary, just like Q’s other films is heading the music department in LUDO too and in a unique attempt to reach out to their kind of audience the team had even organized a Rock Band Hunt whose winner Bangla Rock Band Delete gets a chance to feature in the movie.

Q and Nikon’s movie LUDO which recently saw representation in the Cannes International Film Festival was also wonderfully received by the international media which all the more adds to the hopes of the positive outcome of this movie.


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