Kolkata Food Festival at Mio Amore to Celebrate the World Cup Football Fever



Football and food are the two favorites which are common to any Bengali. From spending couple of hours debating on any football game to gorging on delicious food, the Bengalis can do this with enthusiasm and gusto at any time of the day and in any season. Keeping this sentiment in mind, Mio Amore, one of the fine dining restaurants in the city of Kolkata along with Kolkatatoday started a football festival celebrating the Bengali’s love for food and the game. The food festival was declared open by footballer Sisir Ghosh, Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya, Grandmaster Dibyendu Barua and Chef Pradip Rozario. Along with the celebrities, thirty two children were also present to inaugurate the food festival. They had the jerseys of the thirty two teams on them and each held a dish matching the country they represent. Chef Rozario cooked pasta as a symbolic inauguration to the food festival.


The initiative has been taken by renowned Chef Pradip Rozario and Koushik Moulik, CEO, Brand Next, who has kept an eye on the dual appetite of game and delicious food amid the world cup celebrations.

Throughout the World Cup fever, the restaurant will be offering thirty two different dishes with the names of the thirty two nations playing the World Cup in Brazil. The restaurant has been decked up with twelve tables which represent the twelve stadiums in which the game is being played. The uniqueness of the food festival lies in the fact that as the teams will get eliminated, the dishes of that team will also be removed. At the end of the World Cup, only two countries and their special dishes will rule the special menu.


Speaking at the occasion, Chef Pradip Rozario said “The idea came to my mind seeing the craze that we Bengalis have for football and food. Hence I thought of starting something international. Maybe India is not participating in the World Cup but we surely can have an international food festival with dishes of thirty two countries here. Moreover the dish which will be getting the maximum popularity will be included in the main menu”.

Some of the dishes in the football special menu include Iranian Shish Kebab, Roasted lamb cooked in red wine sauce, Asado(Grilled chicken), Spanish paella, Crepe Fantasia, Double Baked spicy stuffed potatoes, Locro, Crumb fried chicken wings and many more delicious recipes.


The minimum price of the dish in the football special menu is Rs. 75 and the maximum is Rs. 475. The food festival will continue till the end of the World Cup.

With the football fever running high, you must not miss to taste the dish of your favorite team at Mio Amore.

Priyanka Dutta


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