World Music Day Special Composition by Indian Pop Icon Daler Mehndi



A bejeweled Sikh who is lovingly called the Father of the Indian Pop Industry does his bit to share the message of love on World Music Day and that too in his signature style. As many might have guessed by now, this is about none other than the pop icon Daler Mehndi who has come up with this very beautiful track which spreads the message of peace and love to celebrate World Music Day.

While by way of this soulful track Mehndi prays to the Almighty to bestow his grace on all mortals, he also urges his brethren to respect the gift of life and save Mother Earth. There is a strong message of Universal Brotherhood and Harmony that prevails throughout this beautiful track which the super melodious singer is known to have created and recorded impromptu without any prior editing or rehearsals.

While people around the world may be busy organizing concerts and different other artist meets to celebrate Fête de la Musique, this beautiful thought by the singer encompassing all of humanity is indeed a laudable attempt at making music the connecting thread to all mortal hearts around the world.

Save Our World | Stop The Fight | Daler Mehndi | Full Song (You Tube)


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