International Day Against Drug Abuse Observed by Kolkata Police and Siddha Group



International Day against Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking is observed all over the world on 26th June and to observe this day Kolkata police joined hands with Siddha group in organizing an awareness rally for the citizens of the city. Mr Pallab Kanti Ghosh, Joint CP Crime, Kolkata Police, Mr Murlidhar Sharma, DC South, Kolkata Police, Mr Amit Javalgi, IPS, DC Spl, Kolkata Police, Mr MJ Robertson, President, Corporate Affairs, Siddha Group and renowned singers Rupam and Surojit were present to show their support for the cause. There were many school children who also took an active part in the rally.


Mr. Sanjay Jain who is the Managing Director of Siddha Group said “At Siddha we pledge to give our customers the best lifestyle with the homes we make for them. Human lives become enjoyable when you have a healthy environment around you. However in recent times the increase in drug consumption by the youths is a cause of much concern in our society. With the help of this awareness rally we aim to make the youth aware of the evil effects of drug consumption and make the society drug free in the long run”.

 International day against drug abuse

Kolkata police along with some NGO’s in the city of Kolkata has been working fervently to curb the number of people becoming addicted to drugs. They have been taking the help of street plays, organizing workshops and seminars to raise awareness. Every year on 26th June, Kolkata Police organizes World Anti Drug Day in which a number of anti-drug awareness programs are showcased for the people. There are people who go to the slums and educate the people there about the evil effects of drug abuse too.

With such noble initiatives taken up the Siddha Group and the Kolkata Police, hopes of having a sober society re-ignite in the hearts of the city denizens.

Priyanka Dutta


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