Urotaar Observes International Day Against Drug Abuse with Street Play



International day against drug abuse is celebrated every year on the 26th of June. This day had been established by the United Nations General Assembly in the year 1987. On this day all the member states of the United Nations General assembly agree to make the countries of the world free from the evil effects of drug abuse.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has been selecting the theme for the International Day and has been launching campaigns for raising awareness about this global drug issue. Some of the themes which have been selected over the past couple of years include- Let’s talk about drugs, Sports against drugs, value yourself..make healthy choices and so on. Health is however one of the most important themes for this International Day.


Urotaar, a Kolkata based cultural group recently organized a street play at Dum Dum Station to raise awareness about this issue among the common people. The group was formed on the 3rd April 2013.  The play’s name was Anti Drugs. The story of the play revolved around a group of youths. One of the youths gets involved in drugs and finally ends his life in the process. The play does not directly promote anti-drugs but leaves the decision at the hands of the common people. The play on the other hand shows the usage of alcohol, weed, cigarette, dendrite, injection and tablet and the harmful effects that it has on an individual. The play is not preachy but gives a practical view of the issue at hand.

Apart from making the common people, especially the youth aware of such issues, the group also concentrated on the entertainment aspect. They combined third theatre with music and dance and hence made the street play interesting for the assembled audience.


With such steps taken by cultural groups and the United Nations General Assembly, awareness will surely spread and this will enable one to curb this evil habit from the lives of the people all over the world.

Priyanka Dutta


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