Kolkata Singers Record Football World Cup Special Audio Music Album



Football and Bengalis have a very old connection. There may be no team representing India on the international football arena, but that does not deter the spirit that the Indians especially the Bengalis have for this particular sport. Music director cum singer Piloo Bhattacharya became inspired with this thought and along with 450 other musicians from Bengal made a video titled “Greetings from India” in Bengali and Hindi versions. The music video “Goal de re…goal de re” was launched recently in the presence of Jojo, Emon, Pornavo Banerjee, Soptok, Rupojjwal Majumder, Gaurab Sarkar and Rajib Dutta.


“When I started with the concept, I did not think that this video will take such a form. The day World Cup 2014 started, it suddenly clicked that we should make a song of this kind on the game. I contacted all the singers and we had all great fun during the recording. After the Bengali song was recorded, we started to make the Hindi song to reach to the greater Indian audience. Then we thought of making the song with sub-titles in Spanish and Portuguese. We may not participate in the game but we can at least wish the teams. There are talks going on already with the channels which will be airing the video in between the matches also” said Piloo Bhattacharya.

Jojo in between dribbling with the ball said “We all had great fun during the recording. Usha Di helped a lot with the Hindi pronunciations in the Hindi version of the song. This video saw the presence of both the older and the younger generation of singers. This is a kind of work which the Kolkata music circle has not witnessed before”.


The lyrics of the songs are by Rakesh Tripathi and Rajib Dutta. Some of the singers who have participated in the making of this song include Surojit Chatterjee, Usha Uthup, Jojo, Pratik Chowdhury, Soptok Bhattacharya, Saikat Mitra, Emon Chatterjee, Upol Sengupta, Somik Sinha, Rupankar Bagchi and many more.

“Goal de re, Goal de re” will surely be a big hit among the people not only in the country but abroad too.

Priyanka Dutta


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