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She is a “Shero”. When she is in a film, there is hardly a need for a hero. Her smile radiates positivity and charm. She is none other than Vidya Balan. The enchanting actress was in the city for the promotion of her upcoming film Bobby Jasoos, in which she plays the role of a Jasoos/ detective. Excerpts from the conversation…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaHow did you relate with the character of Bobby Jasoos?

Vidya Balan– Well, Bobby is not the typical know it all kind of detective. She is an amateur who learns the trick of the trade slowly. She has aspirations and she strives to fulfill it. I could relate with it simply because of the fact that when I asked my parents to join the film industry as an actress, they thought this was a passing fancy. However I stuck to my hopes and with God’s grace and the love of the audience I have been able to become an actress. Like Bobby, I am also always learning about acting with each movie.


Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaTell us something about the character of Bobby?

Vidya Balan– She is very funky, street smart, got great presence of mind and very lively. She has an endearing capacity with an equal dose of innocence. This will appeal to the audience for sure. Even during the shooting, my director used to say that in some scenes I must enact like I am a child who is amazed at seeing something bizarre. This innocence of Bobby is what will set her apart from the other detectives.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaYou have so many looks in the film. How challenging was the job?

Vidya Balan– (Smiles) I had nothing to do. The whole challenge was for the costume designer Theia Tekchandaney and makeup artist Vidhyadhar Bhatte who had to do the majority of the work. I had the simplest job as I would just sit and watch myself being transformed into so many other characters. I am also lucky that I got to don the cap of so many small characters in one single film.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaWhich look, of all that you present in the film is your favorite?

Vidya Balan– I think the look of the beggar will be my favorite. With this look we began the shooting of the film. While I was sitting in front of the station for the shot, a lady even chided me for begging and not working. I was so overjoyed that she could not recognize me. That was a huge compliment. Even my father could not recognize me when he saw my picture in the paper. He had to read the byline where my name was mentioned to finally understand that it is his daughter.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaIf the film would have been shot in Kolkata, which characters would you have preferred to play?

Vidya Balan– I would have loved to play the role of a white uniformed police officer, sell phuchkas near Vivekananda Park and Bijoli Grill Sodas. I would have dressed up as Bumba da and gone to his home to see how he would have reacted.


Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaHad you got the chance of solving a real case, which one would you have selected for the purpose?

Vidya Balan– There are so many scams happening all over the country. I would love to solve at least one scam.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaWhat would you say is the USP of this film?

Vidya Balan– Well, I feel apart from being a detective film, this is also a film about hope and aspirations. Like me, Bobby also never gives up hope. When I initially said I wanted to be an actress, there was shock and disbelief in my family. This was so because coming from a South Indian family where education is given the most importance, my wanting to become an actress was as good as a social taboo. I took baby steps and finally started getting good offers. Similarly, Bobby’s parents want her settled whereas she follows her dreams and aspirations.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaYou are setting the trend of detective films in Bollywood. How do you feel about it?

Vidya Balan– (laughs out loud) As much I would have liked to say, it feels great, but I simply cannot take the credit. This is sheer coincidence that so many detective films are being made at the same time. However I am happy that mine is releasing first.


Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaWhat were the highs and lows of shooting the film?

Vidya Balan– There was certain positivity among the entire unit. We all bonded really well. No one felt bored during the fifty day of the shoot. The workshop that we did earlier helped immensely as we had to shoot in real locations. The only low that I felt was my staying away from family for so long. Also I missed staying away from my husband Siddharth.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaYou met Prasenjit Chatterjee (Bumba da) on the sets of Force, was the meeting about any new film that we may see you in together?

Vidya Balan– Bumba Da and I met during Parineeta and he has been always very supportive. He has always encouraged me and always wishes me luck whenever my film is due for release. So whenever I am in the city, I make it a point to meet him. He wished me luck even today for Bobby Jasoos.

Bobby Jasoos releases on the 4th of July.

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