Kolkata Durga Puja 2014 Preparations Start with Bhawanipore 75 Palli Khunti Puja



Bhawanipur 75 Palli began their Durga Puja fifty years back in Kolkata and 2014 will mark the fiftieth year of their Durga Puja celebrations. Madan Mitra, Firad Hakim, cast members of Hrid Majhare team including Abir Chatterjee and Indrasish Roy along with director Ranjan Ghosh graced the Khuti Puja occasion of this Durga Puja Committee.


Speaking on the occasion, club secretary Subir Das said “We are extremely happy that the honorable ministers could make it to the Khuti Puja occasion and also glad that the team of the upcoming Bengali film Hrid Majhare were also present to grace the occasion”.


In an olive green Punjabi and blue jeans with leather sandals, Abir Chatterjee looked handsome. The cheers from the audience and especially from the female fans was testimony of his growing fan following. “It feels great to come for the Khuti Puja occasion. This actually is like a bell to announce that the goddess will soon be with us. As far as the film Hrid Majhare is concerned, this is a complete love story. People will really like it. I can vouch for that fact” said the actor. After much cajoling from the audience he even sang two lines from the song “Tomai hrid majhaare rakhbo”.


Apart from paying tribute to the Bard Shakespeare, the film is also about love, added the director Rangan Ghosh. “This is also a film which has been shot in the Andamans after a long time after Sobuj Dwiper Raja” said the director.

The event also saw the launch of the theme of the Puja “O amar desher Mati” and the logo of the puja “Ponchase pochattor”on the occasion by the assembled guests.


With less than a hundred days to go, Durga Puja preparations have started all over the city.

Priyanka Dutta


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