New Bengali Movie Hasi Kannar Itikotha: Review, Poster; Can it be Called Bengali?


Bangla-Movie-ReviewRemember the films 100 Days or Ghulam-e-Mustafa or Agni Sakshi? Then you must also be aware of the man behind such hit films. He is none other than director Partho Ghosh. The director’s last film was Ek zindagi badal de in 2010. After a span of four long years, the director is back with a Bengali film titled Hasi Kannar Itikotha. The premiere of this film took place at Bijoli cinemas recently.

The plot of the film revolves around Raj and Mitali. Mitali has lost her parents when she was small and she has been raised by her uncle Dr. Shekhar Sen. She is pampered a lot by her uncle and this has made her moody and proud. Raj is a middleclass boy who is a champion boxer. Things take a turn when Raj has to marry Mitali to get his mother treated for a serious ailment. Mitali fakes to be a cancer patient. However Mitali gets the shock of her life when she gets to know that Raj himself is a lung cancer patient. On the advice of her uncle, she takes Raj to a Durga temple. She swears that if her husband does not recover from this fatal disease, she is going to die at the feet of the goddess at the temple. What happens next? Does Raj recover? Or does Mitali die?

The elementary problem as Sherlock Holmes often said lies in the script itself. In this age when directors are making realistic films with topical issues, why did the director resort to such a stale old tale? This is beyond my level of understanding. The concept of bringing back the life of your husband from the Yama (god of death) may have been acceptable for the audience during the early phases of cinema making in India, but this is not at all acceptable now. When doctors are not able to cure the lung cancer ailment, how can merely sitting in front of God help in the recovery process? This is one fact that I failed to grasp during the whole film screening. I do not want to sound like an atheist, but one has to be practical. God helps only those who help themselves. And in the film, nothing of that sort was shown.

The dialogues which have been dubbed in Bengali further add to the discomfort level. Why would the director want to show a dubbed film and proclaim that this is a Bengali film? This is cheating the audience. Or as Captain Haddock would have said “Millions of blue blistering barnacles”!!

Even the shooting of the film has not been done anywhere in the city. This is also strange given the fact that this is a Bengali film. The only thing that has been done in Kolkata is the promotion and the premiere show.

If you think this is the end, then you are wrong. The actors are also non-Bengalis. Aman Varma as the uncle, the lead pair Rahul and Anushka are all Non- Bengalis. The acting is also atrocious. The lead pair does not have chemistry and their acting capabilities are not something to write about. They are too loud and irritating for comfort. Even Aman Varma who is a well known television actor fails to make a mark in this stale old film.

Music is jarring and will only add to the discomfort of the audience.

After having been tortured during the film viewing process, I have one message for the director. Merely having a cast of Non-bong actors and shooting in places outside Kolkata will not guarantee that the film will be a hit among the masses. The Bengali film fraternity has moved ahead and the tastes of the audience have also changed. Kindly notice the changes and make films in the near future so that the audience does not have to tolerate such films.

Hasi Kannar Itikotha is one film which you must stay away from. I can vouch for the fact that you will be left with only tears and there are very less chances of you leaving the hall with a smile on your face.

Rating- 0.5/5

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