Star Jalsha Serial Tomay Amay Mile Maha Shanibaar Episode on July 5



Tomay Amay Mile is one of the highest TRP grossing serials to be aired on Star Jalsha. The serial which stated about a year ago has been popular among the audience since its starting days. With a great storyline and an equally talented cast, the serial has been gaining popularity with every passing day. A Maha Shanibaar special episode will be shown in the serial this Saturday.


Tomay Amay Mile is the story of Ushoshi who is an educated girl who is married off to a confectioner Nisith. Initially hesitant of accepting Nisith as her husband, Ushoshi finally falls in love with her husband. It is with the help of her husband that she is also able to continue with her education in her in-laws place.

Bhabani in this special episode will be furious at Ushoshi for bringing Diana to their home. Things will get worse because in the process Ushoshi will forget to give water to her God in her absence. As if this was not enough, Ushoshi makes a blunder by breaking a clay pot. Out of anger, Bhabani hands over the keys of the house to Ushoshi and demands her to take control of the family. This leaves Ushoshi in a confused state as she cannot understand whom she should support.


Do not forget to watch this special episode on your favorite serial Tomay Amay Mile. The episode will be full of drama and emotions. This episode will be aired on the 5th of July at 10 pm on Star Jalsha.


Priyanka Dutta




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