Actress June Maliah to Star in Ashoke Vishwanathan’s Next Film 1+1=3



A press conference was recently called to announce three films namely Umformung- the Transfromation, Neti Neti-Not This Not This and 1+1=3. The event took place at Rotary Sadan in the presence of Ashoke Vishwanathan, Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar, June Maliah, Debdoot Ghosh, producer Rita Jhawar, Akshaya Rao. Umformung-the Transformation and Neti neti- Not This Not This has been directed by Sudeep Ranjan Sakar whereas 1+1=3 is directed by Ashoke Vishwanathan.


Umformung- the Transformation is a Hindi feature film by Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar. “The story is about a Buddhist monk who lives in the desolate mountains in search of his true identity. However he finds the answer in a brothel of the city. The story is interlinked with that of a female corporate builder whose greed for power and money takes her on a life changing discovery. The cast of my film is from all over the country. Akshaya is a leading actress in many Tamil and Telegu movies. The other actors are from Marathi films and theatre” said director Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar.

The other film Neti Neti- Not This Not This is also directed by Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar. The film raises questions about the fact that what we see is real or not. The protagonist in the film faces these questions in her dream. Truth as the dreamer realizes is endless Genesis in the sea of Nirvana.


“Sadhan, a fugitive from the law takes shelter in the home of a police officer Bidhan. Riya, Bidhan’s wife commits the crime of harboring the suspected insurgent. What happens next? This is the story of my film 1+1=3. I play the role of Bidhan in the film whereas June plays the role of Riya and Debdut Ghosh plays the role of Sadhan” said Ashoke Vishwanathan. The story of the film is by Ashoke Vishwanathan and the music direction is by Pragya Dutta.

The films are produced by Rita Jhawar of NEZ Moving Pixels.

Priyanka Dutta


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