Ramadan Special Treat for Kolkata, Wah Haleem Festival at Shiraz Golden Restaurant



Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar brings with it the observation of the Roza among the Muslims. During this time of the month at dusk every day, every Muslim home is filled with the delectable aroma of Haleem. On this occasion, Shiraz Golden Restaurant has arranged for a special treat exclusively for the people of Kolkata titled “Wah Haleem Festival”. The restaurant will be serving some of the best preparations of Haleem from around the world during this festival time.


Haleem is a wholesome stew which is prepared with chunks of meat, wheat, lentils and spices. The dish had its origins in the Middle East and has travelled and reached out to almost every corner of the world. This has led to the evolution of Haleem and the developing of various flavors of this delicious dish.

“Haleem is a balanced and healthy food. It gives an individual energy. We have started this festival as a gift for Ramadan for the Muslims. The Haleem that we make is following the recipe of Shamshuddin who was one of the chefs at the Nawab’s kitchen. His recipe has been followed since the 1970’s. One of the most interesting aspects about the dish is that the original cooking style has been retained. The Arabs use aromatic spices in their Haleem and this has been retained in our version of this delicious dish too” said Mr. Ishtiaque Ahmed, Partner, Shiraz Golden Restaurant.


Apart from the regular Gosht Haleem, there are some unusual types of Haleem which will be served to the customers. Irani Haleem, Hyderabadi Haleem and Shahi Haleem are the two other types of Haleem which will be available at this food festival. Chicken and mutton are the two types of meat used in the preparation of the different kinds of Haleem.

A meal for two will cost between Rs. 150 and taxes. The festival will continue till the 31st of July.

Priyanka Dutta


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