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Cigarette smoking and tobacco consumption is injurious for your health. It can lead to cancer. These kinds of statutory warnings at the beginning of films and serials have become a compulsory item. With steps being taken to increase the awareness of the people on such issues, there is a great role that films can play in popularizing such thoughts among the general public. Recently released Bengali film Sesh Bole Kichu Nei by director Anjan Dutt is a take on such issues.

The film is about a Bangkok based Bengali writer Animesh Roy (Played by Anjan Dutt) who comes back to Kolkata on receiving an email from his estranged son Judhajit. Judhajit is a song writer by profession. Animesh finds that his talented son had died meanwhile in a road accident. He also finds out that Judhajit was a drug addict. Animesh’s search for his son’s songs leads him to meet his son’s friends Kakoli (Subhasree) and Andy (Jisshu Sengupta). This quest takes Animesh on a tour of the dark world of the drug peddlers and also gives him an insight into the lives of the drug addicts.

With an experienced director like Anjan Dutt at the helm of affairs, expectations are bound to rise among the audience. The film rather than addressing the issues regarding drug addicts and peddlers focuses too much on the other issues. This leads the audience to lose track of the main issue. It does not strike when the iron is hot. It strikes when the audience has got bored and is wondering is anything exciting next. This will lead many to get bored in the process too. Why will a father simply leave his only child due to the wife’s death at childbirth? Any rational human being will have tried to cope with the grief and raised the child as the last ray of hope in his life. Even if I agree with this reaction, why will this same person come rushing back after getting an email from his so-called-estranged-son whom he had left behind with his father-in-law some thirty years ago? Moreover I have doubts whether a heroin and cocaine addict individual can be cured so soon as to start singing songs. Kunal, the character played by Bratya Basu is never explained clearly in the film. As the audience we had to rack our minds and assume that he is an old friend of Animesh. These are some glaring loopholes which I failed to understand. This also bored me as I expected something new and exciting from an Anjan Dutt film.

Soumitra Chatterjee as the father-in-law does full justice to the role given to him. Jisshu as Andy also gets a thumbs up for his act as the drug addict. You forget for a moment that you are actually watching Jisshu on screen. Subhasree is good in her role. But at times she fails to remain the girl next door and actress Subhasree gains an upper hand. Anjan Dutt’s role will remind many of his character San in his earlier Madly Bangalee. Bratya Basu as Kunal does a fitting job in the small screen time allotted to him.

Music in the film is quite good and gels well with the pace of the story.

Sesh Bole Kichu Ney is a film which despite having all the ingredients and matter to serve us a great film fails to strike the note. Despite dealing with such a relevant issue, it fails to strike a chord with the Bengali movie goers.

Rating- 2/5

“Shesh Boley Kichu Nei” Bengali Movie official Trailer | New Bengali Movie 2014 | Jisshu, Subhasree (You Tube)


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