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Hrid-Majharey-reviewThe term Hamartia means a tragic flaw in the character of a hero. According to Aristotle’s Poetics, it has also been described as an error in the judgement or a fatal mistake. Rangan Ghosh’s debut Bengali film Hrid Majharey traces this very concept of Hamartia in the life of the hero of the film.

The film begins with a scene in which a very disheveled looking Abhijit (Abir) enters the room to find Debjani(Raima) dead. The story goes back to a flashback and we get to see the reason behind such a fatal outcome. Abhijit is a professor of Mathematics at St. Xavier’s College Kolkata. He lives with his only sister who is a crime journalist by profession. A chance meeting with a soothsayer who warns Abhijit to stay away from love for his own good is not given much importance by the professor. One rainy night he gives Debjani a lift in his car and Cupid strikes. They date and fall in love. Abhijit however faces a problem at his job when an infatuated student proposes him. He rejects and in retaliation she does something to get back at the professor. Faced with such grave issues at work, along with Debjani he goes to the Andamans in search of a new life. There they meet Shubro who is a junior of Debjani. Abhijit at times gets jealous of Shubro’s unwavering attention on Debjani. Shubro dies in an accident and this leaves Abhijit in a confused state. He begins to question himself about the prophecy of the soothsayer. What actually happens next? Does Abhijit leave Debjani? Who killed Debjani? Hrid Majharey answers them all.

Director Rangan Ghosh deserves quite a few appreciative pats on the back for dealing with the Shakespearean concepts in such an engaging manner. Despite bringing many a Shakespearean elements in this film, the director presents the love story quite cinematically. This blending is what gives the story a distinct taste. The soothsayer will remind many of the Witches in the tragedy Macbeth. It is the Witches who triggered off the latent ambition of Macbeth. Similarly Abhijit after being forbidden to fall in love actually falls deeply in love with Debjani. This is a simple case of the Forbidden Fruit which is more attractive due to this very aspect.

What is also notable is the fact that the element of Hamartia which is a notable aspect of the tragic heroes has also been shown here. Abhijit’s Hamartia is his indecisiveness (much like Hamlet’s indecisiveness) and also the fact that he gets angry very easily (Much like King Lear). These are two of the most distinct flaws in the otherwise charming Abhijit. It is these qualities which lead him to take instant decisions which actually harm him in ways more than one.

Acting by the cast receives a big thumbs up and ably helps the director in this project. Sohag Sen as the soothsayer is just perfect. You will actually have to look twice to understand that it is her. She is that convincing! Raima as the cardiologist does justice to her role. Indrasish Ray as Shubhro also supports the acting department well. Abir Chatterjee as Abhijit is one of the most good looking professors that I have seen in my life. No wonder that the student Shinjini actually falls for him. The actor is just fantastic in the romantic scenes. The soft look and the dimpled smile will melt many a girl’s heart away and Debjani in the film falls for his charms. He must also be given credit for bringing out the troubled emotions in a man so well. The angst and the indecisiveness that he portrays with his eyes and expressions will actually touch your heart.

Music in the film by Mayookh Bhowmick is just so apt and blends really well with the storyline. The music director presents us with such soothing romantic numbers like Emni Korey that you will surely be humming them to your partner the next time you are on a wooing spree.

Andamans has been shot wonderfully. You actually get to see the beauty of the place and also the devastation caused by the natural disaster. It is high time that directors should consider going to this place for the shooting of films.

Hrid Majharey shows that love can be both tender and violent. It can make your life as well as give you enough pains that will take even a lifetime to heal. The film will surely touch your heart and will ensure that it stays in your heart for quite some time.

Rating- 4.5/5

HRID MAJHAREY | Bengali Movie | 2014 | Trailer | Abir Chatterjee | Raima Sen | Indrasish Roy (You Tube)


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