Aatman Audio Initiates Anti Drugs Campaigns in the City



Cigarette smoking and tobacco consumption is injurious for health- says many a ad film, documentary and docu-feature films but the question remains- has this caused any change in the mindset of the common people who still continue with the consumption of such things. In a bid to raise awareness among the people against drugs, music company Aatman Audio organized an Anti Drug campaign along with the Narcotic Cell, Detective Department, Kolkata Police. The event was organized to mark the occasion of International Anti-Drug Day.


The three day event was organized by Aatman Audio at three important locations in the city namely South City Mall, Highland Park Mall and Mani Square Mall. Somnath Ghoshal owner of Aatman Audio said “We selected these places so that we could connect with the live audience and reach out to more people. The malls are places where people and usually youngsters come regularly. The youngsters are also are easily influenced and resort to drugs. Keeping all these issues in mind, we decided to organize this event at the malls. Moreover the 4 to 7 is also a good time to stage these shows as many people visit the malls during this time”.

Celebrities and many eminent personalities also came to show their solidarity with the cause. Some of the noteworthy names present include Silajit Mazumdar, Ananya Bhattacharya (Khnada), Timir Biswas, Emon Chatterjee, Ena Saha, Pota, Jojo Mukherjee, A.C.P Deepak Kr. Dutta, Amit Chatterjee (Narcotics Dept., Kolkata Police).


The three day event saw short plays being performed by Urotaar, one of the leading theatre groups in the city. Their play was based on anti-drugs awareness. Rhythm Speaks, dance group performed creative dance for the assembled audience on anti-drugs issue. Singers like Biswajit, Titash, Sandip, Oiswarja, Rashmita lent their voices to traditional Bengali songs along with acoustic music by artists.

Aatman Audio’s effort at arousing awareness among the people in the city regarding the evil effects of drugs deserves a pat on the back. We look forward for more such noble initiatives in the future from the music company.

Priyanka Dutta


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