Bengali Story Hotashahoron Narration by All India Radio Artist Satyaki Roy



Hotashahoron is a short story based on a single character named “Hotashahoron”. That’s not his real name though; he got the name or title for his profession. Basically he entertains people by changing his makeup and character. He not only entertains people but also reduces their frustration in different ways.

“Hotashahoron ” has different clients from different classes of the society. Mainly he plays the role of a joker to get rid of the frustration of people.

Suddenly one day Hotashahoron finds that his makeup of the joker is not coming off and is sticking to him like skin. After may a vain efforts  he finally decides to use the masks of  some fearful character from next day so that he can continue with his profession even with that painted face, though in a different way now.

In this story the one & only character “Hotashahoron” addresses the audience in theatrical form and after having spent years together in entertaining people he revolts & takes the decision to challenge the mockery of this society.


The Story, Script and Narration is by All India Radio Elocutionist Satyaki Roy






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