Big FM Awarded at India Radio Forum for Radio Program ‘Se Sudhu Gaaner Din’



Big FM, the nation’s leading radio network proved its worth at the recently held India Radio Forum 2014 by winning the Best Radio program for “Se Sudhu Gaaner Din”. Se sudhu gaaner din offers their listeners an opportunity to go on an incredibly melodious journey to relive the incredible stories around the top classics of the Golden Era. The narration is done by eminent Tollywood actor Sabyaschi Chakraborty. To celebrate the win, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, RJ Koushik, Swagata Banerrjee (editor), Sumanta Banerjee (working head of Big FM) and Siddhartha Dasgupta were present to address the media about their recent win at the IRF.


“Every song has an unsung experience behind it. Some of them are delightful experiences while some may have unforgettable humiliations or a few cherished moments. With this program we have tried to bring this to the notice of the listeners” said actor Sabyasachi Chakraborty. He also added that Siddhartha Dasgupta helped him a lot with the script. This program actually transformed him from Feluda to Golpo Dada. “When I was first contacted for the job of the RJ, I was in doubt. The work of a RJ is difficult and hence I was in doubt. However with the help of the team at Se Sudhu Gaaner Din, I was able to do the job and hopefully people have appreciated my efforts” said Sabyasachi Chakraborty.


The program takes the listeners on a journey of melodious, romantic, lyrically charming, melodiously orchestrated and harmoniously sung evergreen classic songs. The program has been divided into Cinemar Jhuli section and Gaaner jhuli section. This concept has been taken from Thakumar Jhuli.

The RAM rating for this show is also the highest among the shows held during this time slot.

This program is aired on Saturday and Sunday at 7pm.

Priyanka Dutta


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