Upcoming Bengali Movie Bishoy Pother Pachali- Tribute to Satyajit Ray announced



The press conference of the upcoming Bengali movie Bishoy Pother Pachali took place at EIMPA House in the presence of actor Debojit Sadhu and Suprakash Ghosh.

The film Bishoy Pother Pachali is about the hurdles and the problems that eminent film maker Satyajit Ray had to face to make the classic Pother Pachali. The film traces the various obstacles which the film maker had to face and how he single handedly overcame them to make the film and finally release it. From financial hurdles to looking for the perfect individuals to play the role- all has been portrayed in this film.

“The film has been directed by Prosenjit Ghosh and Biswajit Ghosh. However after Apur Pachali released, they became apprehensive about the fate of Bishoy Pother Pachali as the story of the two films were quite similar. Hence they stopped shooting the film. This is my dream project and hence I took the initiative to complete the film. Some parts of the film are yet to be shot and we are deciding as to which director to approach who will complete the film for us” said actor Debojit Sadhu. The actor meticulously read books on Ray and watched his films a couple of times to understand the director better which will help him to enact the role properly.


The film is of duration of one hour and fifty minutes. The promo of the film has also been released on You Tube about four to five months back. Bishoy Pother Pachali has been shot in color and then changed to black and white to give the authentic feel to the film.

The film is yet to complete some parts of the shooting and hence the release dates could not be disclosed.

Priyanka Dutta


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