New Bengali Movie ‘Fakebook’ Goes on Floors



A quarrel scene ensues between Hutum and Payel’s elder brother. Hutum confesses his love for Payel which further enrages her brother. This is the climax scene from the upcoming Bengali film Fakebook, the shooting of which was going on in a house in Sonarpur.

The film Fakebook is about the social networking site Facebook and how it affects the lives of the people. This is indeed the first time that a Bengali film is being made on a social networking site. “The film is about a poor boy Hutum who delivers newspapers. He opens a Facebook account and develops a relationship with a Non-Bengali girl Payel. What happens to Hutum? Does he finally get his love? The film will answer all these questions. The message that we want to give is that these networking sites must be used just for communication purposes and it is better not to get involved with anyone on such platforms. One never knows who is real and who is faking. We have used the name Fakebook as the name Facebook is already a registered body” said director Sanjoy Bardhan.


Actress Ridhima Ghosh who plays the lead in this movie also shed light on her character in the film. “I play the role of Payel whose father is a Non-Bengali and mother is a Bengali. She also has an account on Facebook. She gets involved with Hutum and what happens next is what the film is all about. The film essentially shows the fake issues that happen on such sites. Personally I only use Facebook to play the game Fumble” said the actress. The actress is also having a gala time shooting as the co-stars in this film are the same in one of her earlier films Rang Milanti.

Gaurav Chakraborty plays the role of Hutum in the film. “It is with the help of my character that the side effect of such networking sites will be highlighted in the film” said the actor.


Tanaji Dasgupta plays the role of Rajarshi. “Rajarshi and Hutum are from the same village. Rajarshi’s father is a videographer who records videos during marriages and other ceremonies. His family is also financially well off than Hutum’s. It is on his advice that a Facebook account of Hutum is created. What happens next is what the audience will have to watch” said Tanaji. The actor maintains a safe distance from social networking sites as he believes that making friends in the online world and that too with unknown people is not his cup of tea. However the actor also feels that one can connect with friends and relatives staying at distant places with this networking site.

Indrasish Roy who was highly appreciated for his role in the recently released Abir Chatterjee and Raima Sen Starrer Hrid Majharey plays the role of the elder brother of Payel and was tight lipped about his character. “My character is a pivotal character. Hence I will not reveal much. But I will like to add that this is a very special role and I did not think that I will get such a role even in my wildest dreams. I play a non-Bong boy and most of my dialogues are in Hindi” said the actor.

Baruipur, Delhi, Varanasi and Kanpur are the places where the shooting of this film will be done. The Bolpur phase of shooting of this film is already complete.


Music of the film is by Sandip Kar and Dolon Mainak. There are five songs in the film and all of them are situational.

The shooting of the film will be completed by October and the release date will then be announced.

Priyanka Dutta



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