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Bengali-Movie-ReviewWhat is it with painters and the Tollywood directors? Two films, Ei Raat Tomar Amar and Sada Canvas, the premieres of which were held back to back at Priya Cinemas Kolkata have painters as their male leads.

Director Subrata Sen’s film Sada Canvas is the tale of an eminent artist Anjan and his wife Rupa. The husband wife duo is in their thirties. Rupa runs a business of her own while Anjan carries with his art work and also continues with his teaching at an Art School. However like all artists, Anjan experiences an artist’s block and is unable to give vent to his creativity. He meets Ria at the art school. Ria has come to Kolkata to complete her graduation. Ria develops a fondness for Anjan which he is unaware of. Since Ria needs money, Anjan refers her to Rupa. Ria changes from the simple small town girl into a smart confident city girl. However a crisis happens and the lives of the three individuals go topsy-turvy. What happens? The film has the key to all these answers.

Subrata Sen aptly weaves a colorful tale of a painter’s life and the troubles that he and his family had to face. Despite the name of the film being Sada Canvas which means white board, the film has a number of colors. The emotions of the characters and their passions are aptly described in this film and this leads to the colorful canvas. However a slight hitch that the director faced is that despite having ample scope, he could not take the film to great heights. The narrative technique taken up by the director makes for a smooth viewing of the film. It is crisp and deals with the life of the painter better than the other film Ei Raat Tomar Amar which is also about the life of an artist. A minor hitch that I felt is how can a girl with a meager salary afford such expensive clothes? Also the possessiveness of the girl Ria towards the art teacher should have been explored in detail. That would have at least raised the interest level of the audience.

Rohit Roy as Anjan and Paoli Dam as his wife Rupa are fairly good at their job. Their chemistry may not be sizzling but they share enough spark to make the screen characters look credible. Rohit Roy is credible as the painter who has this artistic block. His mannerisms and expressions make the character portrayal effective. Malobika as Ria also acts her part well. The transformation from the small town belle to the city girl is well portrayed.

Sada Canvas is a good film to watch this weekend. Despite a few hitches, the director presents us with a good glimpse about the life of the painter.


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