Upcoming Bengali Movie Sesh Chesta goes on Floors



A heated debate between a husband and a wife regarding the spending of the salary of their only daughter is continuing. This is nothing but a scene from the upcoming Bengali film Sesh Chesta. The shooting took place at a house in Kabardanga.

“This is a family drama. The husband who is a worker in a factory loses the job as a result of which his family had to face financial crisis. To let the family come out of such crisis, the eldest daughter of the family tries every means to make ends meet. She had to face some crisis also. This is the crux of the film Sesh Chesta. The title has been so given because the eldest daughter tries every means to help her family” said director Alokeraj.


Prerona plays the role of Nandita, the eldest daughter of the family in the film. “I make mistakes while trying to help my family. This is not understood by my family members. This film shows how I get over the mistakes committed and begin life anew. Papia Debrajan who plays the role of my mother has been helping me a lot with my looks. My director has also been helping me with the acting parts too” said Prerona.


“My character has many shades. I play the role of the wife whose husband loses the job due to the factory lockout. On the other hand I am also the mother whose daughter falls in wrong company. When the character finds that her daughter is earning so much money, she gets greedy. But when she finds the means of earning the money, her motherly feelings arise” said actress Papia Debrajan.

The film will be shot in various parts of the city and is eyeing a Durga Puja release.

Priyanka Dutta


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