Kolkata Singers Kalikaprasad and Lopamudra Initiate Sahaj Parav to Celebrate the Music of Bengal



Music of the roots has been of late put into the backstage by many individuals. Not many of us are much aware of the rich cultural diversity in our country. In order to create awareness among the people and also to make them aware of their cultural roots, the first root music festival has been initiated by Kalikaprasad and Lopamudra. The first chapter of India’s root music festival Sahaj Parav was announced at a press meet held at the Jhaal Farezi restaurant. Lopamudra productions and Dohar jointly will be organizing this root music festival. Present at the press meet were Joy Sarkar, Kalikaprasad, Gautam Ghoshe, Srikant Acharya, Parbati Baul, Pandit Arun Bhaduri and Lopamudra.


“This festival is a means of going back to the roots of our rich culture and reviving those music forms which are going into extinction. The festival will bring fore the traditional culture and customs and showcase the artistic vibrancy of the Indian sub-continent. The festival will strive to foster a harmony in this cultural milieu and create an appreciation for the identity of who we are” said Lopamudra.

Parvathy Baul who also regaled the audience with a beautiful song written by Salabt Mahato said “The main aim should be as we play the Blues, our Baul must find the voice in the people living abroad as well as in India. I always took it as a challenge to sing Baul songs in those places and countries where Bengali is not understood. The challenge is to connect through the language of music and with God’s grace I have been successful”.


Eminent film maker Gautam Ghoshe who was present on the occasion expressed his gratitude to Lopamudra and Kalikaprasad for taking up such an effort with the help of which the cultural roots of Bengal could be revived. “Taking up such an effort requires courage and determination. I convey my heartfelt best wishes for the success of Lopamudra and Kalikaprasad’s efforts” said Mr. Ghoshe.

Eminent personalities like Girija Devi, Mame Khan, Parvathy Baul, Latif Shah will be gracing the festival with their presence. Shubha Mudgal will be inaugurating the festival whereas Kailash Kher will attend the closing ceremony. All forms of root music from Bengal like Kirtan, Baul, Jhumur, Bhatiali, Fakiri and Chhau along with Rajasthani folk, North Indian Kaji, Assam’s Shatriya Dance will be showcased at the event.


The root music festival will take place from 1st to 3rd August at Rabindra Sadan Hall, Gaganendra Pradarshanshala and Rabindra Sadan Campus/ Prangan.

Priyanka Dutta

Sahaj Parab Press Meet Video


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