Independent Bengali Film Dwitiyo Ripu Explores the Crevices of the Creative Mind



The Creative instinct in us Bengalis has led to the creation of a many a masterpieces on celluloid and in keeping with this calling, two passionate film makers from Kolkata have made another independent Bengali Film that not only explores the crevices of the creative mind but also showcases the city beautifully.


The writer/director of this Independent Bengali Film Mr. Abhijit Chowdhury is a software engineer by profession and is even employed with one of the country’s leading multinationals. Though an engineer, it is the creative expression by way of cinema where Abhijit feels his true calling is and driven by this passion for cinema Dwitiyo Ripu has taken shape.


Dwitiyo Ripu is about a talented young writer Raktim who believes that the novel he has written is the best of the era but no one really appreciates his talent. Raktim’s novel which is primarily based on the time spent with his ex-girlfriend is yet to get the appreciation of critics and it is his frustration and struggles that this film explores.


The film which stars Biswasjit Chakroborty , Kheya Chattopadhaya , Debasree Chakroborty and Bitan Biswas is one that represents the honest efforts of Abhijit and his friend who is also an MBA.

The first look and trailer of the film is:

Dwitiyo Ripu – First Look (You Tube)




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