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Timing the release of huge mass connect movies starring popular heroes during festivals has over the years been one of the most tried and tested strategies of the film industry and this year too, it is Eid 2014 that has set the platform for the release of Salman Khan starer Kick and Tolywood Hero Dev starer Bindaas in Bengal.

Video of Dev, Sayantika, Srabanti at Bindaas Premiere (You Tube)

Bindaas is the story of two rival villages and their blood thirsty village heads who do not even flinch an eyelid before ruthlessly murdering innocents from each other’s village and a young foreign educated lad played by Tollywood hero Dev who gives up his career and life of comfort to try and restore peace and help these villagers live in harmony. Interwoven within this age old saga of rivalry of villages is a love story that ropes in the children of the heads of these two villages.


From this very brief introduction of the New Bengali Movie Bindaas am sure the urge to really find out more about the plot must have evaporated into thin air as, such stories have been presented with different flavorings time and again over the years but unfortunately the story of Bindaas has been presented just as stale with not even a pinch of new flavoring added.

Right from the beginning to the end, the story seemed like various frames with events that the masses will be able to relate with have been put together to just create a money spinner in the districts. To elaborate on this, the song Party shoes that features right at the beginning of the movie just came from nowhere and was placed for no particular reason. Not just that, even the song Remix Quawali has been completely designed to cater to the sensibilities of a certain section of the society and somehow stuffed into the movie even though it was just not required.


The entire movie has fight sequences that look shabbily choreographed and fake as, throughout it is just people flying and falling with loud thuds with mere punches from Abhi (the protagonist played by Dev). The violence shown in the movie is also just an effort to show things that people in some areas of Bengal can relate to as there too, such violence is rampant.

The two pretty ladies, Sayantika and Srabanti have also been totally wasted. These sexy Bengali actresses are either seen blinking foolishly at the smart acts of the hero Abhi or standing as an arm candy with a pretty smile on the face. Sayantika features in both the peppy numbers namely Party Shoes and Remix Quawwali but fails to make an impression as neither does she get enough frame space nor time to show her assets. Talking about the heroines, I would also like to add that little more caution should have been exercised in doing up their hair, makeup and even costumes as while Sayantika looked perfect in all the salwar kameez and kurtas she wore, her western outfits looked ill-fitted and gross. Srabanti at least passes off that detailed scrutiny with her ever beautiful smile.


In terms of acting, Chiranjeet and Kharaj Mukherjee were the only ones who could do justice to their roles and Kharaj was indeed the much needed comic relief in this very bizarre plot. Dev still has a long way to go in terms of maintaining consistency in performance and keeping up with the honor of Mahanayak that he has been recently bestowed with as, while his performance was definitely praise worthy in Kamaleshwar Mukherjee’s movie Chander Pahar, here he was an absolute disaster. Sayantika was loud as ever and was definitely not a treat to watch on screen.

Director Rajib Biswas has made a conscious effort to stuff in all hit making ingredients into the movie but seems like he forgot to tell his actors how to emote. Having said that, director Rajib Biswas should nevertheless be congratulated for his sense of timing and understanding of the sensibilities of a certain section of the society as this movie, no matter how difficult it may be for some to sit through, will surely stand out as an amazing money spinner as the hero Dev has just been presented in a manner that his huge fan base can kill for.

While Salman Khan is rocking the theaters this Eid with his film Kick which has an equally absurd script, it is Dev’s pull that will be put to test as this movie has nothing to offer apart from the Dev quotient which we, along with the producers hope will be enough to fill the SVF coffers.


I would thus like to conclude with a note of Thanks for the producers Shree Venkatesh Films as this is one production house that dares to experiment with subjects and while on one hand encourages the making of films like Apur Panchali on the other, it also promotes those like Bindaas.

Spend your hard earned festival bonus on watching this New Bengali Movie Bindaas only if watching Dev move about on big screen gives you reason enough to smile for days to come.

Rating: 1.5/5


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