Short Film Antartica to be Screened at Space Theatre in Science City Kolkata


Antarctica, a film based on the continent will be screened on large screen at the Space Theatre in Science City Kolkata.

The 38 minute adventure film captures the wonder and majesty of Antarctica. The hurdles that a human can face in the area will also be well portrayed in the film. The beauty as well as the harshness of the least unexplored area on Earth has been captured wonderfully. Professor Sudipta Sengupta who was the first woman scientist to set foot on this ice continent Antarctica was also present at the special screening of the film. Speaking at the occasion, she said “Blizzards are so common there that survival of humans is indeed a challenge. Penguins and seals are the two visible life forms in the area. They are the only life forms that have adjusted to the harsh natural conditions in the area”.

The crew of the film had to drag about 2300 pounds of equipment around for the shooting. Two Antarctic summers were required for completing the film. The crew stayed at the Chinese, American, French and Russian camps. One of the most important conclusions that came up is that the threat of global warming is causing the ice to melt which in itself is a cause of concern for the people.

The film stresses on the fact that in order to understand about the effects of the global warming, one can also look at the peaks of the Antarctica which will serve as a reference for many climatologists. This is a very easy way of understanding the global changes in the climatic patterns.

There will be seven shows of this film for the next six months onwards in the Space Theatre at Science City.

Priyanka Dutta


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