Akshay Kumar Starer New Bollywood Comedy Film Entertainment Inspired from True Story


Entertainment-PosterEntertainment, starring Akshay Kumar in the lead role is based on a real life incident. This was revealed recently by the makers of the film. The story goes on like this. About five or six years back, a Mumbai based Parsi man had named all his assets to his pet dog. The dog was the sole heir of the man. This story caught the attention of the writers Sajid-Farhad. They not only found the humane angle but also comedy in the situation and decided to make the film on this story.

The writer duo was also meanwhile busy with the other writing assignments for films like Golmaal series and Singham. However this subject stayed at the back of their minds. They were so inspired that they kept the idea in their mind and started writing down Entertainment. The writer duo also took some liberties to spice up the proceedings and add humor to the story.

The writer duo was even more surprised when they found out that this was not the only instance when a person had named the entire property around the dog. They found out that in London, a man fed his pet with food from five star hotels. They decided instantly to make this the story of their first film and contacted Akshay Kumar to play the role. Akshay accepted the offer and was more than happy to star in this unusual film.

Akshay Kumar highlighted on the fact that when he was told about the story and the comedy in the film, he was impressed with the idea. His son, nephews, nieces all are great dog lovers. The actor felt a positive gut feeling about this family entertainer and said yes to feature in it.

Entertainment has already received wonderful openings and will surely walk its way to become a landmark film in Akshay’s filmography.

Entertainment Official Trailer | Akshay Kumar, Tamannah, Mithun Chakraborty, Sonu Sood (You Tube)


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