Rag Anurag Music Research Academy Celebrates Independence Day with Musical Evening Chetona



Rag Anurag Music Research Academy recently organized a musical evening called Chetona, a patriotic musical concert to celebrate the upcoming Independence Day. Smriti Lala of Rag Anurag Music Research Academy along with Prof Bikash Sinha and Prof Dipak Ghosh were present at the musical evening. The event was organized in association with Indian Silk House Agencies.

Independence Day Musical Evening Chetona

Rag Anurag Music Research Academy is the brainchild of Smriti Lala. This is an institution which is dedicated to the cause of promoting music in the society. The academy also believes in the fact that music can be used to relieve stress. The music academy also is engaged in social work as they help underprivileged children, women and senior citizens too.


“We live in the age of globalization. In recent times Independence Day is just another festival that we celebrate. It is only on days like Republic Day and Independence Day that we retrieve our love for the country. This is not the type of country that the martyrs wanted for us. It is due to this reason that with an honest thought of loving our country and giving importance to days like these with full respect, we organized this musical evening called Chetona which means awakening” said Smriti Lala while speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana.

The patriotic songs like ‘Bharat Walo Aab Na Baatey’,’Otho go Bharat Lokhi’,’Tu hamare dil ki roshni,tu humara jaan,mera Sonake ka hindusthan’,’Yea desh mera pyaar hai’,’Amra badhon cherar joygaane’, ‘Yeh hai dhrama bhumi bharat’,’Lokho pranye dukho jodi bokhere tor baaje’ and ‘Saare Jaahan se acha’ were performed by Smriti Lala and her group in front of the assembled audience.


The concept and direction of this musical evening was by Mrs. Smriti Lala. The next musical show of this music academy will be on the 7th of September at the GD Birla Auditorium.

The musical evening enthralled the audience and also made the audience aware of the duties and responsibilities of a citizen in an independent country.

Priyanka Dutta



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