Mother’s Care Children Enthrall with Their Dance Performances; Colorful Celebration of Indian Independence Day



Independence Day, as it may have shaped up these days was never just a daylong symbolic celebration marking the day when India got Independence; it has rather been a celebration of the freedom of spirit and thoughts that we Indians had strived so hard for and in keeping with this very spirit of celebrating the freedom of self, Montessori School Mother’s Care Kolkata put up a special program to imbibe in the children the very meaning of Independence.

Independence Day Celebrations at Mother’s Care Montessori School

The Independence Day celebration in this kindergarten school held on August 14 saw kids right from the age group of 18+ months to 5 years perform to different Hindi and Bengali songs. The tiny tots who were all charged up to put up their best in front of their parents presented an overwhelming show with the help of their teachers and looked absolutely splendid in their various costumes.


Even though it is children of such tender age that the school takes the responsibility of training, the performance put up was nothing less than impeccable as each child was at his/her best when on stage. When asked to elaborate upon the preparations that went into putting up such a wonderful show, school principal Mrs. Margaret Neogi only had to say that Parents really need to understand the interest of their children and motivate them accordingly and the rest automatically falls in place and this is exactly what is followed even in the school as, for those few hours when the children are within the school premises they are treated with just as much care as they are at home. The principal was also all praises for the teachers who had put in such dedicated effort and toiled for over a month to help the children perform this beautifully.


Not just the performance by the children, even the selection of songs to which the children danced to is praiseworthy as the songs picked were not just full of the patriotic fervor but also had a strong message to convey while being entertaining at the same time. School authorities also revealed that not just the Independence Day, all Indian festivals are celebrated in the school with equal passion just so that the children develop a deep rooted understanding of the concept of universal brotherhood and most important of all the duties of a responsible citizen.


While all the performances were just as wonderfully presented, those by the youngest group i.e the Toddlers (>2 years) and the Transition Group drew the loudest cheers as while the Toddlers looked just adorable even clapping to the beats, those from Transition enthralled all with their role play of Jhansi ki Rani, Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji and others.


Such thoughtful celebrations play a very important role in shaping up the psyche of a child and the efforts that Mother’s Care puts into training these little angels is definitely praise worthy.

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