In Fond Remembrance of Pran; The Man who Created the Grey Haired Super Hero


Pran Kumar Sharma

(15 August 1938 – 5 August 2014)

Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, they are all superheroes in the world of comics. Either they have enviously toned bodies, muscles to die for or some superhuman powers which are beyond imagination of the mankind. But in 1969 a young cartoonist from India thought of something else. Born on August 15 when India celebrates its Independence Day, Pran is credited with fueling independent creative thinking, as while the world was busy creating super heroes with super natural powers, he created a character who was just a frail, old man, complete with his rather large white mustache and a red turban and named him Chacha Chaudhary. This character, as wise as his age, outsmarted monstrous villains to become India’s own superhero albeit robust physique and those unearthly powers which previously defined the genre. This was the uniqueness of PRAN. His immortal creation CHACHA CHAUDHURY was one of a kind superhero, who triumphed every time relying on his wit (far more advanced than a computer, as the tagline goes) only. Looking back at Pran’s creations such as, SHRIMATIJI (1968), BILLOO (1973), PINKI (1978) etc…. all the characters are very much drawn from our everyday life whom we can easily connect with.  Pran, a boy from a small town made it big in Indian Comics Industry by publishing over 400 comic books. Pran may have left this mortal plain but just as his name translates into ‘LIFE’ in English, through the life and the world his characters have created over the years, Pran will continue to live amongst us and will always be remembered by the comics enthusiasts, young or old alike.


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