Theme Songs in Vogue for Durga Puja 2014; Rising Sun the theme for Adi Lake Palli Durga Puja



With about a month left for the Durga Pujas in Kolkata, the puja committees are gearing up for the celebration of the biggest festival in the city. The Durga Pujas in the city is never complete without a theme and while it was theme pandal decorations all this while theme songs are the new addition this year. Keeping in touch with the ongoing changes, Adi Lake Palli Durga Puja committee released their theme song at a glittering event. Debasish Kumar, Tonima Chatterjee along with Joy Sarkar and Lopamudra Mitra were present at this theme song unveiling event.

The song has been penned down by Ambarish Majumdar while the music has been composed by Lopamudra and Joy Sarkar. The song goes like this-

“​Sata borsho aage ak swopno niye poth chola

   Sata borsho dhore kichu golpo ache na bola

   Koto soto itihaser sakshi hoye theke jaowa

   Koto soto aagamir pother sathi hote chaowa…”

The theme of this year’s puja at Adi Lake Palli is Arunadoy which means the rise of the sun. The iconic Sun Temple at Konark has been rated as one of the most important heritage buildings in our country. The temple is a great example of a religious architecture. The word Kona means corner and Arka means the sun and hence the name. The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However a major part of this heritage structure is in ruins. Adi Lake Palli club in its centenary year will be helping in creating awareness among the people that these structures must be maintained or else they will be lost in the tides of time. The term Arunadoy has been selected simply to create awareness in the minds of the common people.


​To make their effort successful, Adi Lake Palli Centenary Celebration Committee has given the complete responsibility of the project to Avenir Event Management Pvt. Ltd. The company is behind the concept, creation and production of the entire project under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Sambhu Sinha, one of the Directors of Avenir. Avenir is in charge of the Pandal and the Deity too.

Priyanka Dutta


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