Bengali Audio Music Album Jhara Bakul Phool Launched


Jhara Bakul Phool, an album by Rajnita Banerjee was recently released at Gallery Gold. Present at the music launch ceremony were Bratati Bandyopadhyay, Srabani Sen, Rajnita Banerjee, Srikanta Acharya and Kalyan Sen Borat.

Rajnita Banerjee is an artist with a background in Nazrul Geeti and Semi-classical songs and an interest in bhajans too. For more than twenty long years, she has been performing for Doordarshan and All India Radio. She received formal musical training under the tutelage of Pandit Prasun and Meera Bandopadhyay (Disciples of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali) and Ustad Munawar Ali Khan for more than fifteen long years. She also received training from Smt Purabi Dutta and Sukumar Mitra in Nazrul Geeti and Sri Jatileshwar Mukherjee in Adhunik for a span of fifteen years. She has performed in various musical concerts in Kolkata and also in different cities in USA. Rajnita also did a playback for a film Chhayapath in 2013. The music director of the film was Mrinal Bandopadhyay.

Srabani Sen at the music release ceremony while speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana said “Rajnita is a talented artist and it was very obvious that we will be bringing out her album. We always have been catering to things which are a bit different from the others working in the music industry. This is the reason we have been supporting those artists who have been trying to do something different”.

Srikanta Acharya said “It is very important to stop piracy or else no such efforts will be taken in the future to bring out CDs. The price of a CD is not much and hence I urge everyone to grab a copy of the CD rather than downloading it from a site”.

Jhara Bakul Phool will be a good album to listen to. Grab your copy at the earliest to regale in the beauty of good music.

Priyanka Dutta

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