Marmochaya pays Tribute to the Rebel Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam



Marmochaya organized a musical evening at Weavers Studio as a tribute to the late poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. Columbia University’s professor Rachel Macdermot was also felicitated at this musical evening by Marmochaya.

Kazi Nazrul Islam who is mainly known for his revolutionary songs and poems is credited with writing about four thousand songs which are collectively known as Nazrul-Geeti. He is also known as the Rebel Poet due to his revolutionary ideas which he wrote in his poems. Love, freedom and revolution are the three dominant themes in the poems and songs of the late poet. Kazi Nazrul Islam is recognized as the national Poet of Bangladesh.


Owed to her research work on the poet, Rachel Macdermot has been living in Kolkata for the last seven months and even went to Bangladesh where she spent about five weeks. She was felicitated by Sayed Hasmat Jalal. The chief guest at this musical evening was eminent Bangladeshi poet-musician Bulbul. A memento was presented to her by writer and Voice of America journalist Ashimpada Chakraborty. Bulbul and Rachel presented immensely interesting facts about the rebel poet which kept the audience engrossed.


Melodious Nazrul Songs presented by Somerita and Aratrika as well as recitation by many a young and talented elocutionists all the more added to the evening’s agenda of paying tribute to Kazi Nazrul islam.

In short this musical evening paid a great homage and tribute to the late poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. We sincerely hope that musical events of this kind will be organized more often so that the audience can enjoy the music of the late musicians.

Priyanka Dutta

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