New Bengali Audio Music Album Rabindranath Chhara Now in Kolkata Music Stores



The Aatman Audio over the past year has come up with quite a few new and unique music albums. The company has not only been providing new artists a base but also has been thinking out of the box. The music company came up with a new music album titled Rabindranath Chhara recently. The music release ceremony of this album took place at Gyan Manch. Upal Sengupta and Shilajit Majumdar were among some of the distinguished guests present at the music release occasion.


The music album Rabindranath Chhara as the name suggests is a little off beat album. Rabindranath Tagore is inherent in our culture as well as in our souls. Thinking of any music or art without the Bard is impossible. However there were also other creative artists who did not get much lime light due to Tagore. “With the help of this music album, we are trying to bring to light the other creative artists who were present in the art and music scenario and contributed equally to the scene. However it must be pointed out that we meant no disrespect for the Bard” said Ananya.

Rajanikanta Sen, Atulprasad Sen, Dwijendralal Ray, Kangal Harinath and Kazi Nazrul Islam are some of the poet- lyricist whose songs have been used in this music album. There are five tracks in the album of the five creative geniuses. The music arrangement of the album has been done by Tamal Kanti Halder.


Rabindranath Chhara is a modest and appreciative attempt at bringing out the creations of the other poet-lyricists who lived at the same time as Tagore. This will enable many listeners to be aware of their contributions in the world of music. Priced at Rs. 150, the music album is a must have for the music lovers.

Priyanka Dutta

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