Interactive session ‘Saving Heritage- A Herculean Task’ attended by New Bengali Film Hercules Team



An interactive session titled “Saving heritage- A Herculean Task” was recently organized at Story. The interactive session saw the presence of Subhaprasanna, director Sudeshna Roy, actors Parambrata Chatterjee and Saswata Chatterjee and Sidharth Pansari, Managing Director, Primarc Projects Pvt Ltd. The interactive session was organized to discuss the importance of preserving heritage in the city of Kolkata.

Forum on Saving Bengal’s Heritage with Bengali Film Hercules Team

The interactive session saw the presence of the star cast of the upcoming Bengali film Hercules (staring Parambrata and Saswata) along with director Sudeshna Roy. The film is about a boy called Haru (Parambrata) who refuses to give up his ancestral home to the local goon Mosh (Saswata) in order to construct high rise apartments. “My character in the film refuses to give up his ancestral home which he believes to be his parents. However you go and see all around the city and you will be amazed to find the deteriorating look of the buildings. They are not well maintained and people are simply not bothered about it. This attitude must be changed. The old buildings not only have historical importance but also have architectural importance as well. Preserving them is of utmost importance” said actor Parambrata Chatterjee while speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana.


Saswata Chatterjee pointed out that the rise in the population has led to the demand for living space which has prompted the building of flats. “If the population growth could be curbed, only then will the demand for flats decrease. Moreover the rise of the nuclear family system has also led to the decline of the preservation of the old buildings in the city”.


Artist Subhaprasnna said “Malls have also been responsible for the decline of the heritage structures in the city. Malls grow up in the city of Kolkata like mushrooms. We have no law against this. But if we go to countries like Rome, UK- they have laws which forbid them to build malls in the city centre. They will have to build the malls outside the city so as not to hamper the beauty of the city. This is the reason why you will find Asda or Sainsbury or Walmart located outside the city limits. But alas! nothing of this sort happens in Kolkata, which is depressing”.


The interactive discussion ended with the speakers urging both the common people and the Government to take steps to preserve the heritage of the city.

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