‘Obodh Mon’ An Album of Soulful Baul Songs by Kartick Das Baul now Available in Kolkata Music Stores



The basic essence of connecting with the root music is what prompted Kartick Das Baul to release his album on folk songs titled Obodh Mon. The music launch of this music album took place in the august presence of Sidhu, Gaurab Chatterjee, Pandit Tanmoy Bose, Surojit Chatterjee, Kalikaprasad, Mainak Bumpy Nag Chowdhury and others from the music industry. The music album has been brought out by Rooh Music.

‘Obodh Mon’ An Album of Soulful Baul Songs by Kartick Das Baul Launched

The album Obodh Mon contains nine tracks on folk music. Lyrics by Lalon Fakir, Dwija Das, Baul Abdul Karim Sahu, Nilkantha Maharaj, Houre Gonsai have been primarily used in the album. Kartick Das Baul even sang a few lines from a song in the album and regaled the assembled audience.

Speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana at the occasion, Pandit Tanmoy Bose said “I have known Kartick Das Baul for many years now. The Baul singers do not have agents at the international level. Hence they are not featured much on the international music circuit. With this album I hope that Kartick Das Baul will get the recognition which is due to him. Artistry and imagination of the Baul songs have been maintained in this album and I am looking forward to listen to the songs”.


Surojit Chatterjee however pointed out that Rs. 150 is a high price for the music album. “I have seen in the South that the CD prices are much less. Despite using technology of USA or UK, the prices of the music album are less. One must look into it. This will enable them the customers to buy the CDs easily” said Surojit.


The songs of the album will also be available on the online platforms. This will lead to more monetary benefits for the artist.

‘Obodh Mon’ will be a good way of connecting with the roots. A must buy for the music lovers.

Priyanka Dutta

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