New Bengali Movie Aamar Aami Review; Director Orko Sinha Passes off Average in his Debut Project



New Kolkata Bengali Movie Aamar Ami by debutant director Orko Sinha had a star studded premiere on September 5 and present at the premiere show to support Orko and his team were eminent film personalities from Tollywood that also included the likes of Director Srijit Mukherji and Actor Abir Chatterjee.

Aamar Ami is the story of Subrata, Sumita, Chandrima, Saumya and Anirban, all of whom are constantly seen battling with their present in order to find the true purpose of their life, only to eventually realize the futility of it all.

Subrata, the aspiring poet who hates his job of an LIC agent is burdened with the responsibilities of family but continues to drag on as he is well aware of the realities of life only to eventually give up. Sumita, who was an accomplished theater actor before marriage is seen trying to bag a role in films with the help of her friend Anirban who is an accomplished commercial film director, but eventually gives up her pursuit when she realizes that she is jeopardizing her only son’s and her own secured life in trying to run after her dreams. Saumya, who even though an engineer is seen running from pillar to post to make a mark as a photographer and his girlfriend Chandrima is seen pampering as well as supporting her guy only to eventually realize that life often forces one to make tough choices.

It is this quest to find the Aamar Ami that entwines the lives of these people which director Orko Sinha has tried to cinematically portray in this New Bengali Movie.

Now talking about the actors, it is only the male leads namely Rahul Banerjee, Biswanatha Bose and Upal Sengupta who look and act credible. Arunima who is otherwise a wonderful actress is a disaster in this movie as she looks a complete misfit in the scheme of things. Her tone, her looks as well as her emoting skills look too made up in most scenes and she fails to connect with the audience and express the dilemma that Sumita is going through. Indrasish who was last seen in the Abir-Raima starrer Hrid Majharey has also matured as an actor but still needs to go a long way.

The technical aspects of the movie are well taken care of and director Orko definitely shows some promise in terms of his story telling techniques; he just needs to be choosier about the cast. Actress Debleena who was in a short but ‘showy’ role was good in her part; sexy and with the right attitude, which well explains why she finds a significant place in the film’s poster in spite of having an insignificant role to play.

Music by Raja Narayan Deb is nothing too mesmerizing as just the title track Aamar Ami sung by Rupankar is one that you may at least feel like humming along; but yes only till you are in the theater as the music is definitely not worth carrying back.

This movie had an interesting concept and good style of presentation but what kept hurting the eyes were scenes in which actress Arunima had to play the middle class housewife with all that streaked hair and the zero size which is so not a ‘Bangali Bhodromohila’ image.

Though the director had all good intentions of presenting an interesting concept, it surely could not be made smartly enough to draw the audience to the theaters time and again resulting in a box-office hit. We wish director Orko the Very Best for his future endeavors and hope that people can soon identify with his style of storytelling and start taking note of his films.

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