TRIDHARAY TIN KOBI; A Musical Evening at Sovabazar Natmondir Celebrating Bengal’s Rich Culture



The Sutanuti Parishad celebrated a unique musical evening with Riddhi Bandyopadhyay, Sugata Bose (MP of Jadavpur Lok Sabha Constituency) as a guest performer , Biplab Gangopadhyay ( in narration ) at the musical evening Tridharay Tin Kobi, at Sovabazar Natmondir, of Sovabazar Rajbari.

Sugata Bose is a renowned educationalist besides being a politician. He is also a music lover. He even performed on songs of eminent writers like D.L.Roy, Atul Prasad, Rajanikanta Sen in a baithaki evening at Sovabazar Rajbari for Sutanuti Porishad.


The script and songs were selected, conceived, directed by Riddhi Bandyopadhyay. Riddhi said, “Sugata da is an ardent lover of music. I found him very much involved in this venture as a guest performer. It is great that he agreed to be a part of this musical evening despite having such packed schedule”. Krishna Bose said, “I am very fond of Riddhi’s songs. Sugata is not a professional singer but he is also a passionate music lover. I grew up listening to songs of Tagore, Rajanikanta Sen, D.L.Roy, Atul Prosad Sen and so I have an immense addiction towards those melodies.”


Riddhi Bandyopadhyay sang songs of Atul Prosad Sen like Alosh stuti ganey, Badhua neer nahin ankhin patey. She also sang songs of Rajanikanto Sen like Tumi nirmal karo,Jekhaney se doyal amar and songs of D.L Roy like Kotha jao nishanako, Neel akashey aseem, Potito dharini gangey. Sugata Basu sang songs of Atul Prosad Sen like Jabo naa jabo naa ghorey, Jol boley chol, mor sathey chol and songs of D.L Roy like Ganga amar janani amar, Dhao dhao samar khetre. Finally, Riddhi & Sugata performed a duet Dhano dhannye pushpe bhora which is again a DL Roy song.

The musical evening was real treat for the music lovers that very beautifully set the mood for the upcoming festivities in Bengal.

Priyanka Dutta

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