Chotushkone Movie Review; The King of Last Minute Twists is Back!!!



A film that was long awaited finally got released last Friday. Chotushkone by director Srijit Mukherji has the very special Srijit Mukherji touch to it. In essence, in subject, in the narrative and treatment too! So, if you have watched Baishey Shrabon, Hemlock Society, Jaatishwor and loved them then Chotushkone will be yet another treat for you, as the King of Last Minute Twist, Srijit Mukherji is back.

The story is about four directors who have been assigned to direct one story each in the four-story-film. Jay (Parambrata), the youngest of them all, gets the offer from a film producer, (Kaushik Ganguly) and then brings together Trina (Aparna Sen), Sakyo (Goutam Ghose) and Dipto (Chironjeet Chakraborty) to direct one story each. He tells them that the producer wants each story to have one common theme – death. The group leaves for Henry’s Island to brain storm and come up with each one’s story. Their car breaks down and they are forced to stay for the night in a forlorn bungalow deep inside the forest. What happens next is not for me to say but for all to watch.

Parambrata. As Jay, is the bubbly energetic enthusiast and here the actor’s real life cheerful and chirpy disposition has given an extra boost to his performing as this character. Throughout the film, he has delivered subtle yet consistent performance. Goutam Ghose in some of his shades is very good. We see a very restrained and mature acting from him. Chironjeet’s portrayal of Dipto shows some brilliant acting, unprecedented amidst the otherwise melodramatic performances he is forced to do in typically commercial movies. His look in the movie too is something different. But one actor whose brilliance in acting cannot be left unsaid is Aparna Sen. Subtle, mature, convincing and consistent performance by her enhances the quality of the film ever more rich. Indrasish Roy plays a young actor, Rahul Banerjee a young director and Payel Sarkar a young heroine. Saying anything more than this that they portrayed their characters well would be to reveal more about the plot and be a spoiler. Among smaller character roles a few names are a must mention. Debleena Dutt has of late been growing tremendously as an actor and one can see her improved acting prowess even in the small role she assays. Arpita Chatterjee and Suman Mukherji too do very well in their respective roles. Other worth a mention are Sumit Samaddar, Ritabhari Chakraborty, Biswajit Chakraborty and Barun Chanda. Kaushik Ganguly in a special appearance is there in just a couple of scenes but even in that limited exposure he takes away the Best Character Artist’s crown. Overall a very long and much-refreshing a cast.

Coming to technicalities, you will fall in love with the treatment of the film. The form being films within a film, and a non-linear narrative leaping in time and space to and fro, the entire experience is very engaging. Kudos to the director. Cinematography by Sudip Chatterjee is just as brilliant as the director’s treatment of the subject. An entire range of color tinges, filters, textures and light and shadow creates a visual treat for the audience. There is one particular scene where Trina (Aparna Sen) is dreaming. That scene is sure to remind you of a similar surreal sequence from the much popular English horror film, Exorcism of Emily Rose, whose brilliant cinematographer was Tom Stern.  Lyrics and music by Anupam Roy are as delightful as ever and one is sure to love the songs Boba Tunnel and Boshonto Eshe Gechhe. Edit by Rabiranjan Maitra is at par with the other aspects of brilliance in the film.

What makes the story and screenplay (by Srijit Mukherji himself) even more engaging is a perfect blend of suspense, drama, horror, thriller and a beautiful inclusion of heart-rending pathos. And yes, the ending is as surprising and shocking as one that can be expected from Srijit Mukherji, who I will once again call the King of Last Minute Twists. Just as the form of four films in a film, Chotushkone’s genre is also multidimentional, genres within genre. At the least, one can say that after Jaatishwar, this is the Best from director Srijit Mukherji and Chotushkone is absolutely unmissable a film.


Sholoana Bangaliana Rating: 8/10


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