New Kolkata Bengali Film Yoddha Review; A Remake with Zero Value Add


Dev and Mimi at the Music Launch of New Kolkata Bengali Film Yoddha

Stories of reincarnation and unrequited love have a special place in the hearts of both the film makers and also the audience. This is the reason behind the success of many films like Karz, Om Shanti Om and several others that have been made in this genre all over the years. Following this trend the recently released Bengali film Yoddha has also been made on the lines of reincarnation and unrequited love. The film Yoddha is a remake of the 2009 released blockbuster film Magadheera starring Kajal Agarwal and Ram Charan Teja.

The Bengali film has Tollywood Hero Dev playing the role of Rudra while actress Mimi Chakraborty plays the role of Princess Durga. The story unfolds with a professional street fighter Abir (Dev) meeting Nandini (Mimi) by sheer coincidence. Something triggers in Abir when his hand comes in contact with that of Nandini and he goes out in search of Nandini. In the meantime, Nandini’s father’s friend’s son Raghab falls in love with her. He lures Nandini and her father by saying that he will be giving back their property. However he becomes lusty and wants to become physical with Nandini while she is asleep. While Raghab is shown going ahead with his evil intentions, a warrior comes out of nowhere and saves her. Raghab finds this very strange and on consulting a tantric he comes to know that the three of them are reborn again after 1200 years and this is just unrequited love and passion. What happens next? Does Abir get Nandini and finally complete their love story? Or Raghab gets to fulfill his lust? The film has the answer to all these questions.

Director Raj Chakrabarty had nothing creative to do with the script as this is an official remake. Hence no credits for the scripting can be given to the director. The beginning of the film with an item song featuring Nusrat Jahan and Dev (Desi Chori) has been targeted for the masses in the districts and the director has been quite successful in that venture. This I can say confidently due to the whistles that followed during the screening of the song. However for the sane minded audience who wants to watch Yoddha not only for some hare brained entertainment, Yoddha offers nothing. The narrative is shaky and often tests the patience of the audience.

Loopholes present in the story strike out glaringly. Interestingly, in this movie drums used 1200 years ago were in condition sound enough to be played by the hero in one go; agreed it is an official re-make but who would have said no to some logical presentation of things. Another one is when Abir’s friend seated in the same auto could see Nandini’s face clearly, then how could Abir miss it??

The graphics and the effects used is nothing spectacular and can be termed as amateurish. In this age when special effects raise the level of the films to great heights, the special effects in this film fall flat.

Music in the film is nothing extraordinary. Savvy and Indradip Dasgupta have individually done much better stuff before and that needs no testimony. ‘Desi Chori’ will remain with the audience during this ongoing festive season. But longevity of the song in future is doubtful. ‘Sarata din’ or ‘Ami tomar’ are average fares and I doubt whether you will want to hum them once out of the theaters.

The actors who could have saved this movie even did not lend a helping hand to the project. The lead pair Dev and Mimi lack the crackling chemistry which is so much required in a film of this stature. Even in the romantic songs, the element of passion and romance took a backseat. Dev went over the top in many a scene in the film. His sword practicing scene lacks the finesse and it looks like he was doing something which had been taught a few moments ago. I wish he could have seen the film Jodha Akbar to hone his skills and acting to play such a role. Mimi does justice to the role of the princess and is better than the other two male leads. Nigel Akkara who had impressed in many a film with his acting is a disappointment in this film. He looked as if he was acting in a jatra.

After watching or to put it in simple and straight forward words, tolerating the movie for its whole running time at the hall, I can also proudly proclaim that “Ami Yoddha”.

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating-2/5


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