Ritik’s Cuisine Square is now the One Stop Destination for Cheap but Good Quality Bakery Products

Ritik's Cuisine


Young and bubbling with life, Varsha Jain is a woman entrepreneur who opened her store named Ritik’s Cuisine Square recently to cater to the needs of the people for raw materials of bakery products at reasonable prices. Her store was recently inaugurated in the presence of some of the most popular city models.

Ritik’s Cuisine Square Opens Doors for Customers

Varsha Jain credited her parents, especially her mother for understanding that she had the potential to do something different. Her parents’ support had helped her immensely in the process. Speaking at the occasion Varsha said “From a very young age, I have been working with renowned chefs of reputed five and seven star hotels. I will be organizing workshops on various cuisines like Mughlai, Lebanese and Italian for the benefit of the customers too. I thought of starting this shop thinking on the lines of a customer. Not many people can afford to buy high priced baking products. Hence I thought of starting this store so that I can give the customers some of the best products at the most reasonable prices”.


Baking today, according to Varsha is no longer limited to only enjoyment and fun. People can also earn their pocket money from this profession. “The bakery industry is rapidly growing in the city and it is high time people learn the intricacies of baking so as to make the best products for sales purpose. This industry has a lot of scope in the city”.

With the ongoing festive season till Christmas and the New Year, Ritik’s Cuisine Square will be the perfect place to go to for getting the raw materials for the making of delicious bakery items for your own consumption or for sale.

Priyanka Dutta


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